Focus on Business Fundamentals & Value Creation

More than Just Capital

At Ruby Ventures, we align with entrepreneurs on a deep level. In addition to offering strategic advice and specific industry know how, we provide them with business intelligence, valuable connections, and proven expertise in growing start-ups into successful companies. While we frequently co-invest with established VCs, which act as lead investors, we make our investment decisions independently, squarely basing them on business fundamentals and long-term value creation.


Investment Criteria

As for our investment criteria, we partner with entrepreneurs across stages and sectors. What are we looking for in a company? High-potential business opportunities with discernible risk, top-quality products that provide tangible end-user value, a strong team, a solid business model, and a clear path to exit.


Growth-Stage Oriented

We like to get involved in a company when its growth potential is still very high while its risk factors are already well circumscribed. In general, this means we come in at the Series A stage or later. In some cases, we also consider late seed stage investments.


Largely Industry Agnostic

While we work with companies across various sectors, we give particularly serious consideration to enterprises where our experience and expert advice add maximum value, including Prop Tech, Energy Management, Utility Metering, IT, and ecommerce.


Stage-Appropriate Investment

We consider investment opportunities that range from $100,000 USD to $5,000,000 USD, depending on a company’s needs, its risk profile, and its stage of development.

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