Investing in Innovation
with Impact

Ruby Ventures at a Glance

Who We Are


We are an entrepreneurial family office with extensive experience, a successful track record, and a reputation for meticulous execution.

What We Do


We invest in real estate and in innovative technologies offering visionary enterprises capital, guidance, and connections to help them grow and generate above-market returns. 

Our Mission


At Ruby Ventures, our mission is to create value for shareholders by investing in transformative ideas and projects.

Investment Philosophy

We make our investment decisions independently, squarely basing them on business fundamentals and long-term value creation. Once committed to including a company in our portfolio, we engage with it on a deep level, providing it with strategic advice, industry expertise, business intelligence and access to relevant partners and prospects.

What People Say About Us


We are sensitive to the needs and aspirations of the communities in which we operate. Indeed, when selecting portfolio companies, we give careful consideration to the socio-economic benefits they provide.